13. März 2014

talking randomness

First point to talk about: this one will be my first ever post written from my mobile phone. Secondly, as you may have noticed: no german. I have never written a longer text in english. well, in fact I did it before, in school - but this is the first to be published. I do not have a particular reason for this being english. I like the idea of trying out new stuff and here we are ;)
As you may know: i study anglistics now. And so far I am extremely in love. It is so interesting and challenging.

(Warning: I don't claim this text to be written correctly when it comes to grammar and all these rules.)

Let me give you an image of me right now; I am sitting in a café, drinking hot tea, my blonde hair in a high ponytail and enjoying life. In the morning I had literature classes and after that I decided to come here and have some nice breakfast. I had a bagel with cheese, ham and salad and let me tell you: it was so freakin' delicious !!
I read a bit of the InStyle magazine (I highly recommend this one to anybody who does not want to spend so much money on fashion magazines like Vogue etc.)

Uhm.. there is not really a topic I could talk about. I am simply bored and wanted to do something. So excuse me if this post is not as informative as usual. Even though it is different and because of that you may like it as well. If anybody reads my blog.. LOL

Well, actually I could write a lot about a special topic that seems to be coming up again and again on indianermaedchen. It is my boyfriend ;) I could tell you a lot about him and us.. but this is our life and it is not meant to be online.
You may have noticed that I write indirectly about him and my friends and  everything/body that/who affects me in any way. I like that. It gives an idea of what is on my mind and what my life is about (I hope so since this is what I want)

Darling, the way you act sometimes is not really how I expect you to. There is not much I want from you and I don't really have big expectations. I just want you to be nice and treat me the way you would want me to treat you. Lately I felt so much pressure. I know this is your aim and I don't say it is useless. But it grows and grows and, soon, I am afraid it will be too much for me. (Grammar level; I have no idea)
I just want you to think about that. You are extremely important to me and I don't want anything to happen to us.

(Takes the spoon and stirs in her tea)

My loves, I will end this now. Maybe I'll do some reading again or stalk people's instagram profiles ;)
Keep an eye open for a longer "how I experience my first weeks in university II" post like I did last semester


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